Welcome to GS ONLiNE

Having over 25 years of experience in the 3 different hair genres of Salon, Editorial and Education, my ONLiNE vision is to create a simplified and understandable approach to haircutting and the human connection through my HEART to HAND philosophy.


What you'll learn!


  • FOUNDATION - The complete foundation of cutting hair - Understanding the 3 shapes and 3 techniques and how, when why to apply them

  • SALON i-DEAS - A continual library of salon friendly, creative yet commercial techniques that are focused to attract and retain a diverse salon clientele

  • PREPARATION - Pre-sectioning and its importance in pre visualising a shape

  • CONTROL - The methods & disciplines used in approaching & creating the techniques

  • BLOWDRYING - finishing & the refinement techniques of outline creation for each individual shape including body position, elevation and overdirection

  • STYLING - Creating movement with styling techniques to finish hair including, round brush and soft pin curl setting

  • FREEHAND - How, why and when to use disconnection, freehand and razor cutting techniques

  • FRINGES - How why and when to approach creating different fringe length and shapes

  • OUTLINES - How why and when to approach an outline shape using all points of the scissor blade

  • CONNECTION - The different techniques on how, why and when to build the relationship and connect with a client to really understand what they feel rather than what they think

What people are saying:


by Tom Connell

Gianni’s approach to hair is one of the most unique I have seen. His ability to combine technical precision cutting with texturising razor work means his education provides the perfect balance of both creativity and useable salon techniques.


Gianni Scumaci

Gianni Scumaci has carved a unique and successful career in the worlds of salon, editorial and education. From being the youngest ever creative director at Sassoon, to creating the iconic haircut ‘The Fanni’ which had global impact on the fashion world and having his haircuts featured on the cover of British Vogue. Gianni is passionate about raising the value of hairdressing and has spent the last few years traveling the world educating hairdressers, awakening them to their worth, social function and hidden intelligence. Choose your course using the buttons below and I look forward to personally welcoming you to GS ONLiNE. See you on the inside. G.